Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Who can you sell to?  

    Right now we are strictly business to business.

    If you represent a business, please click here.

  2. How do I set up an account?  

    Contact us directly, either by sending us an email at or on this website by applying for an account.

  3. Why was this company started?  

    Sustainability should be accessible.

    Sustainability should be easy.

    Sustainability should be commonplace professionalism.

    You know the rest.

  4. Do you sell only sustainable products?  


    Unfortunately, the sustainability movement hasn't yet gotten to a point where we can demand that every client buys only green and sustainable products. But this a vision we're working toward -- a world where sustainability is the default and everybody everywhere knows how to live in it.

    So, although we work hard to provide you with sustainable alternatives to not-so-sustainable items, we can supply pretty much whatever your office needs.

  5. How can I help?  

    We need clients. Lots of clients. The more money we make, the more buying power we have with our suppliers and with policymakers in Washington.

    To refer a prospective client to us, please email us directly at Thank you in advance!

    (Also, stay tuned for updates regarding our political goals in sustainability, and how you can get invovled.)

  6. How can I stay updated?  

    Follow us on Twitter at @ConsciousOffice

  7. What if I can’t find the product I want on your website?  

    In most cases, we can provide a suitable alternative to your desired product. If not, it’s likely we can do some work to source that exact item for you. Please let us know what you’d like to be made available by sending an email to or contacting your existing sales rep directly.

  8. Can I add to an order I just placed?  

    You may add to an order that has been placed as long as it has not been shipped. In effort to provide timely shipping to you, we transmit orders several times a day. Please contact your sales rep via text message (because it’s fast) as soon as possible so that they may alter the details on your behalf.

    And thanks for your order.

  9. How do I check the status of my order?  

    Your sales rep knows all the things.

  10. Does Conscious Office have a rewards program?  

    Not at the moment, but hang in there. As we expand, we plan to launch a rewards system based on a client’s sustainability ratings. In the meantime, feel confident that we are offering competitive prices and superb customer service, with a global purpose.